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From ConFoo 2015, 18th-20th February 2015

From ConFoo 2015, 18th-20th February 2015

From Web Design For Designers Workshop , 16th February to 16th March 2013

From Html5.tx 2013, 2nd February 2013

From Chicago Web Conf 2012, 5th-6th October 2012

From OSCON 2012, 16th-20th July 2012

From Webstock 2012, 13th-17th February 2012

From Madison Ruby 2011, 18th-20th August 2011

From CSS Summit 2011, 26th-27th July 2011

Jina Bolton

CSS Workflow

Presented by Jina Bolton

From Fronteers 2010, 7th-8th October 2010

Rachel Andrew

Core CSS3

Presented by Rachel Andrew

From @media 2010, 8th-11th June 2010

From BarCamp London 6, 28th-29th March 2009

Natalie Downe

CSS Systems

Presented by Natalie Downe

From BarCamp London 5, 27th-28th September 2008

From BarCamp London 3, 24th-25th November 2007

From BarCamp London 4, 31st May to 1st June 2008

From Web Directions South 2008, 23rd-26th September 2008

From Webmaster Jam Session 2008, 3rd-4th October 2008

Jina Bolton

Mastering CSS

Presented by Jina Bolton

From Delve:UI NYC, 5th-6th August 2009

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